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Apply for VISA to Spain in Uzbekistan

Additional Services

The Additional services given on this page are provided by the Visa Application Centre and the prices given are in addition to the service fee. The following additional services can be purchased at the Visa Application Centre while submitting your application:

  • Premium Lounge - 655 500 UZS per person
  • Photocopy – 2 000 UZS per page
  • Courier - 86 000 UZS per passport
  • Assisted Form Filling - 95 000 UZS per person
  • SMS - 19 000 UZS per passport
  • Photo Booth – 24 000 UZS
  • Travel and Health Insurance - Please see the information below
  • Prime time collection @ 70450 UZS = 7 euros : 0900 – 1200 hours and 1700 – 2000 hours (Mon – Fri) & Sat (1000 – 1400 hours)
  • Prime time submission @ 145000 UZS = 15 euros : 1600 – 1800 hours (Mon – Fri) & Sat (1000 – 1400 hours)
Premium Lounge

The Premium Lounge Service offers following services:

  • A separate Premium Lounge
  • Free photocopying and form filling services
  • Visa fees, service fees and any other additional services opted by applicant during submission will not be included in the price
  • For scheduling your appointment for the Premium Lounge please contact us through the following phone number: +998781486060

Important Note: Using the Premium Lounge service will not influence the visa processing time, visa issuance or the duration of the visa. As for every traveller, your visa will be processed and decided by the Consulate General of Spain in Moscow.

Applicants can avail the photocopy service at the Visa Application Centre.

Courier price is specified for city boundaries of Tashkent. Delivery cost to regions should be specified by VAC employees at the Visa Application Centre.

Travel and Health Insurance
Travel and Health Insurance charge depends on to applicant’s age and health. Please visit the related desk in Visa Application Centre.

Travel Insurance is mandatory for travelling to Spain. To get your travel insurance please click here.

Assisted Form Filling Service
Applicants can avail the Form Filling Service at the Visa Application Centre. Please speak to the Submission Officer at the Visa Application Centre for more details. Note: all charges must be paid in cash at the time of submission.

SMS Service
You can track your passport using the SMS service. Once your passport purchased will launch an automated confirmation feedback message to the applicant`s mobile phone. The service is available in Russian, Uzbek and English languages.

Mobile biometrics

For your comfort, we are pleased to offer you our new “Mobile Biometric Service” to submit your visa application in your home or office.
Schedule an appointment and we will collect your visa application form, documents and biometric data at the place of your choice. Once the application is processed, we will return you the passport via courier.

Price of this service

Number of applicants Cost in UZS
1 6,00,000
2 10,80,000
3 - 4 19,20,000
5 - 10 24,00,000
11 – 20 42,00,000
20 - 40 72,00,000
Doorstep Service